Trans-Superior Solo Challenge

The Trans-Superior Solo Challenge is run with the the Trans Superior International Yacht Race. The 326 nm Challenge begins from a starting line in the vicinity of The Gros Cap Reefs Light located at the entrance to St. Mary’s River from the eastern most part of Lake Superior. The course proceeds westward keeping the Keweenaw Peninsula to port to the Duluth Entry at the western most part of Lake Superior. The President’s Cup Trophy is awarded to the first time finisher on each lake who has the fastest corrected time. All non-member skippers who successfully complete this Challenge will be awarded lifetime membership in the Society.

For more information visit the Trans Superior International Yacht Race website.

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The 2023 Trans-Superior Solo Challenge Starts on August 5th

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Resumé and Solo Passage Documentation – Non GLSS Members Only

Non-GLSS members who wish to enter the Trans-Superior Solo Challenge, must submit a Sailing Resumé and also a Solo Passage Documentation form to be considered for entry. Early submission of these documents will allow the GLSS Board of Directors ample time for review, and provide you with time to correct any deficiencies. Non-GLSS members can email their sailing resume and passage documentation to the Race chair,

EXAMPLE – Resumé and Solo Passage Documentation
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