Sandusky 45005

In 2020, a new singlehanded sailing event, the Vermilion 45005, was organized on Lake Erie and run out of Vermilion, Ohio. The event utilized NOAA Weather Buoy 45005 as a mark on the course (hence the name of the event). To create a triangular course, the event also included one of the entrance buoys at Huron, Ohio. The original course was approximately 42 NM long. This event was created to give sailors on Lake Erie, who have been considering entering a GLSS-sponsored singlehanded challenge, an opportunity to sail a course of manageable length with a fleet of other singlehanded boats.

For 2024, this event is going to be run out of Sandusky, Ohio, and has been renamed the Sandusky 45005. The new course will still utilize NOAA Weather Buoy 45005 and one of the entrance buoys at Huron, but the start and finish will be off of Sandusky Pierhead Light, instead of the Vermilion breakwall. The new course will be approximately the same length as the old course – about 41 NM.