Erie Solo Challenge

The Lake Erie Solo Challenge represents the fourth GLSS membership granting event on the Great Lakes. While Lake Erie may be the smallest and shallowest of the Great Lakes, those very characteristics make for some extraordinarily difficult sailing at times. Winds can produce large, steep-faced waves seemingly in minutes, and summer thunderstorms can turn a placid body of water into a tempest just as quickly. Throw in in a high concentration of pleasure craft, fishermen, and fish nets interspersed with commercial freighter traffic, and the ingredients are in place for a Challenge on par with those of any other lake.

The Lake Erie Solo Challenge begins with a start off of North Cape Yacht Club near Monroe, MI and the fleet proceeds past Pelee Island, Ontario and eastward to a rounding of the Seneca Shoal Light near Buffalo, NY, thence on to a finish off of Presque Isle Harbor at Erie, PA. The course measures 312 statute miles, and in terms of comparison to the other GLSS Challenges, it ranks fourth behind the Trans Superior Solo, the Lake Ontario Solo Challenge, and the Chicago to Mackinac Island Solo Challenge.

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