Commodore Perry Trophy

The Commodore Perry Award is awarded to an individual(s), a group, an organization, etc. who has made a substantial contribution to the Lake Erie Solo Challenge.


2007 Paul Nickerson
2008 Greg Gorny
2009 Wally McMinn
2010 Tom Munson
2011 Dave Evans

Some Background on the Commodore Perry Trophy Winners

The first five recipients of the Commodore Perry Award (2007-2011) were related to their contributions to the initial planning and early success the Lake Erie Solo Challenge (LESC) event enjoyed.

Paul Nickerson (2007) sailed his first GLSS Challenge on Lake Erie in 2007 during which he was instrumental in keeping a meticulous log of the fleet’s periodic radio log-ins. This proved invaluable as a squall had sent the fleet in every direction and left several of the boats out of touch for some time.

Greg Gorny (2008) had immediately “pounced” on the opportunity to involve the Erie Yacht Club (EYC) in the finish and post race events when he heard of GLSS plans to offer a Challenge on Lake Erie which was to finish at Presque Isle harbor.

Wally McMinn (2009) served as the initial organizing director and first Chair of the LESC. He was instrumental in getting approval from the GLSS Membership for the LESC and the involvement of North Cape Yacht Club (NCYC) as the host for the start and venue for the Skipper’s Dinner and Meeting.

Tom Munson (2010) served as Co-chair of the first LESC and Chair of the finish committee at EYC in 2010. He assembled a number of volunteers to man the finish committee which was based out of his motor home which he had stationed at EYC. His crew visually confirmed the finish of each boat.

Dave Evans (2011) was instrumental in convincing the GLSS Membership of the worthiness and appropriateness of the proposed LESC course and the Lake as meeting GLSS standards for a Challenge. He has also participated in each of the LESC thru 2014.

John Lubimir (2012) had just successfully completed the Singlehanded Trans Pac from San Francisco to Hawaii, he had his Quest 32 shipped back to San Francisco, loaded it on its trailer, drove it across Country, launched it at Toledo Beach / NCYC, and sailed the LESC to EYC. Determination personified!

PC Skip and Kris McCullough (2013) have been an instrumental part of the LESC since its inception. Skip was a key advocate supporting the involvement of NCYC in the event and served as the Chair of the Start Committee. Kris has Chaired the Skipper’s Dinner Committee at NC in each year serving a variety of delicious meals to the participants and their guests.

Adrian van den Hoven (2014) demonstrated exceptional seamanship in not only sailing his boat to a second-to-finish position based on elapsed time, first based on corrected time. He also assisted one of the other Challengers when his boat was dismasted by a squall during the event.

Jeff Cornish (2014) showed his determination and persistence when he encountered troubles with his delivery to the start at NCYC. He ended up sailing solo from Erie, PA to the start at NCYC (about 140nm) where he looped the start line, grabbed his skipper’s documents while underway from the RC, and proceeded to sail the LESC course (268nm) right back to a successful finish at Erie.

Bill Tucker (2015). Bill has made many contributions to the GLSS and the Lake Erie solo and is one of the GLSS members who has sailed all five lake challenges. Jeff Neuhalfen, GLSS President in 2015, nominated Bill for this award.